How to prevent children from watching the wrong video?बच्चों को गलत वीडियो देखने से कैसे रोके? Hindi

Hello friends aaj is video mein main aapko batane wala hun ki aap apne bacho wrong video dekhne se kaise rok sakte hai
yah video bahut khas hone wali hai unke liye jinke bacche online padhaai karte hai
Is video mein aise setting ke bare mein bataya hai jisse aapke bacche wrong video nahi dekh sakte

Bas apko kya karna hai apne bacchon ka phone lena hai aur setting ko unke phone mein apply karna hai
Is video ko pura end tak dekhen aur apne bacho ko ashlil video dekhne se roke
Agar e video apko .....
Thodi si be helpful leni ho to please like kijiye aur ha jo bhi parents mere is video ko dekh rahe hain vah Apne friends ke pass jarur share kare jisse unke bache protect ho sake

Net Nanny
My Child Saw Pornography, What Should I Do?
Apr 08, 2019

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If your child has accidentally been exposed to pornography, it's normal to feel upset and concerned. As a parent, thinking of your child viewing online pornography is uncomfortable and scary. The reality is though, it's not a matter of IF your child will view pornographic material, it's a matter of WHEN.

According to Forbes magazine, the average age of a child first views Internet porn is 11— shocking right? Well, it shouldn't be. In recent years, children are increasingly younger when using the Internet unsupervised. In fact, most children in the United States have a cell phone by the time they are seven years old, meaning that they have near constant access to the Internet. This highlights a new concern for parents— are their kids finding porn on their smartphones?

Parents looking for a solution to minimize accidental exposure and prevent intentional viewing of pornography should consider using Net Nanny parental controls. Net Nanny offers a number of features including the #1 rated Internet filter and porn blocker, that aid parents in managing what their kids are doing online. Utilizing Net Nanny's porn blocking features can give parents peace of mind, knowing that their kids aren't able to access adult content.

How to Talk With Your Kids About Pornography on the Internet

In a study posted by Shared Hope International, 42% of Internet users age 10-17 years old admit to viewing online pornography. Before getting too concerned, consider that 66% of these children reported that they viewed this material accidentally while attempting to access age-appropriate programs. This begs the conversation to parents and caregivers: How do we protect our children and if they do view pornography, how do we respond?

Parents sometimes wonder if their child will be traumatized from the exposure. While prolonged exposure to pornography can elicit negative emotional responses, the greater potential for harm and shame can come from a parent's reaction. The best course of action a parent can take is to address the behavior in an age-appropriate manner, being careful not to overreact.

Educating your child on the risks of inappropriate, adult content online should include discussions on sexuality and Internet safety. So, what does the conversation around Internet pornography look like between parent and child? Well, that varies based on the child's developmental stage and the family belief system but here are 5 suggestions to get you thinking about it:

Start Early
A conversation with your teenager about accessing online pornography is going to go a lot smoother if you've already established a language around sexuality with age-appropriate conversations in their elementary and middle school years.

Provide Reassurance
It's natural for young adolescents to be interested in sex as their own sexuality is beginning to emerge. Doing our best to educate instead of blame will encourage conversation and an opportunity to learn. In doing so, we lessen the potential of shame and guilt and create a more open and honest conversation around sexuality.

Conversations with your child around viewing Internet pornography should avoid shaming and punishment. While this conversation will likely be uncomfortable for both of you, try to provide reassurance to the child, regardless of age, that they didn't do anything wrong.

Address Accidental Exposure to Adult Content
If younger children have accidentally viewed online pornography, try saying something like: "I'm sorry that showed up while you were on the computer. Those videos are intended for adults, not children. Together, let's find some better sites for you to visit that won't show those kinds of images. Do you have any questions?" From there, follow the child's lead in a . Even further, kids are naturally curious and are becoming more tech savvy at younger ages.
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