Angelina Castro and Daylin Horruitiner go deep into HOT TOPICS LIKE POLITICS, GOD, RELIGION & SEX

Hola familia!

This week's video is early, I know! but I'm very excited for you to see it, and I truly hope you are able to open your mind and your heart to listen to the powerful message being conveyed.

What do a porn star and a preacher's daughter have in common?
More than you probably think.

As humans, and as women, we spend so much time judging each other. We certainly don't like it when people are quick to judge us, but we easily cast judgement on those whose lifestyle doesn't seem to fit in our pre-fabricated concept of morality, Christianity, etc. I strongly believe there's so much to gain from sitting down with people whom we don't think we'd have much in common, because more often than not, we discover so much common ground.

I had a blast with Angelina Castro. She is kind, down to earth, and brutally honest, which is something I'm drawn to. I appreciate her openness in allowing me on her platform to talk openly and honestly about so many things. I hope you look past that first instinct of ignoring something or someone because you've already made up your mind about them based on one angle you've seen or heard which you believe tells you all there is to know about them.

Truth is, we have SO MANY LAYERS, and it is so interesting and rewarding to see another one of God's creatures and discover a side of them you didn't expect to find.

I know it is very's meant to be heard. I LOVE YOU FOR LISTENING, AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Gracias por ver, y recuerda: "Siempre hay al menos una razon para ser feliz y muchas mas para estar agradecidos"
Sigueme en las redes para videos en vivo y mas contenido diario :)

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